Financial Advisory Professional financial advice

Alpha African Advisory

We offer a full bouquet of service offerings designed to support the strategic objectives of our growing clientele, ensuring appropriate synergies between international leading practices and the realities of the local corporate finance landscape.

Servicing a diverse client pool, which range from large public sector entities to mid-sized private sector enterprises, has helped us develop multi-sector expertise and industry specialisation that is reflected in the quality of our work output.

We are strategically positioned to act as first choice partners in the provision of professional financial advice designed to accommodate the associated complexities of changing macro-economic and business environments.

We have an experienced financial advisory services team with years of experience from working across investment banking, accounting, professional services, venture capital and private equity.

Some of the key service offerings under the financial advisory practice

Transaction Structuring

Alpha African Advisory provides end-to-end transaction structuring assistance to guide clients on how best to initiate and manage business ventures. Our services cover initial review of commercial objectives, all the way through to providing input into key agreements and terms.

Our network of investment professionals, international and local relationships, help improve information flows so that our clients have adequate leverage throughout the negotiation process. Our capital restructuring team advice clients on the optimal capital structures for their ventures and projects in line with their short, mid and long term strategic objectives.

Our tested methodologies help enhance the quality of our recommendations to clients so that eventual decisions have the flexibility to react to changing business environments or take advantage of growth opportunities as they unfold.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our regular analyses of emerging trends across key industries enable us to identify and advise on merger and acquisition opportunities with potential to unlock strong synergistic benefits and ultimately maximise returns to stakeholders in the transaction.

We assist our clients in assessing strategic options and minimising complexity in executing transactions ranging from divestitures, joint ventures, leveraged buy-outs (LBOs), asset swaps, split-off, etc.

Our emphasis on objectivity has helped us to build a reputation for high ethical standards within the industry.

Project Finance

Our project finance capabilities cut across all key infrastructure segments-such as ICT, utilities, transport, etc. and leverages on the deep industry knowledge and insights of our engagement team.

We continuously keep abreast of the most recent developments in the local project financing terrain so that we can develop transaction structures that partly mitigate against inherent risks of financing long term, cashflow based projects in frontier markets.

We provide structured finance assistance at various project stages, incorporating a range of equity, mezzanine and debt financing options tailored to the project’s dynamics.

Business Valuations

We deploy our specialised skills and experience in business analysis, modeling and forecasting to provide valuation services which help our clients assess the true value of their business interests for multiple purposes including capital injection, restructuring, divestitures, consolidations, etc.

Our services extend to providing valuation advice on capital assets, existing models and valuation reviews, all the way through to negotiation assistance. We have developed a guided approach which allows our clients insights into the basis and the underlying assumptions of our valuations.

Due Diligence

We provide pre and post-acquisition due diligence services targeted at identifying key risks and opportunities embedded in transactions through objective review of relevant information, the key value drivers, inherent risks and potential upside opportunities in the transaction.

Years of experience on both the buy-side and sell-side allow us to provide independent opinions that reduces the overall transaction timetable and places our clients in a better position to make informed decisions based on pre-defined transaction objectives.