Fund Raising We source the most optimal financing options

Alpha African Advisory’s capital raising team work with various business owners and promoters to review and validate business models and financial forecasts with a view towards creating the right incentives for a successful fund raising cycle.

Our partnership with a sizable network of international investors coupled with our strong relationships with local investors and domestic banks gives us a competitive edge in the market place.

Our fund raising mandates are handled with the utmost degree of client confidentiality. We also ensure each transaction is allotted the requisite amount of resources necessary to bolster the prospects of timely and successful close-out.

We work closely with our clients to source the most optimal financing options for capital injection at the best possible terms


  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Strategic/institutional investors
  • Private placements
  • Enterprise grants & funds


  • Secured/unsecured bank loans
  • Mezzanine finance
  • Development finance
  • Hedge fund finance
  • Trade finance

Our approach to fund raising is designed to position the transaction most advantageously in the marketplace, promote timely close-out and identify options that enhance value creation opportunities with an overall objective of improving long term shareholder value.

Our unique value proposition lies in our executive management’s combined experience over decades in private equity, fund raising and proprietary investment management which greatly facilitate effective sourcing, structuring and execution of fund raising mandates.