Gateway Services Providing country level insights and perspective

A strong understanding of Nigeria’s investment landscape is key to unlocking its latent opportunities. Alpha African Advisory’s operational base in Nigeria and our network of professionals across the continent allows us to provide country level insights and perspective on sector specific developments as they unfold.

We actively monitor trends in high-growth sectors set to drive Nigeria’s long term economic diversification plan along with the ongoing West African economic integration agenda.

Our target sectors include

With an estimated US$300bn required over the next 20 years to address Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit, Alpha African Advisory anticipates significant private sector participation in the delivery of bankable projects across the country. Our continued focus on sector specialisation is anchored on our strategic intent to build the requisite capabilities and relationships to be the first choice provider of infrastructure related advisory services and to facilitate foreign participation in the Nigerian infrastructure space.

The Nigerian Government’s shift from unilateral dependency on oil and gas royalties is beginning to open up new opportunities within the mining and extractives industries which currently accounts for a marginal fraction of government revenues and national GDP. Alpha African Advisory has a dedicated government relations team established to assist prospective investors benefit from ongoing reforms within this sector. This is driven by our desire to support sustainable development and transparency in the African extractives industry.

Favourable demographics, rising living standards and increased urbanisation continue to provide a sound business case for manufacturing within Nigeria and the West African sub-region. Alpha African Advisory leverages on its understanding of national and regional economic policies to advice on most workable strategic options for clients seeking to enter the market.

Increased focus on financial inclusion is creating tremendous opportunities within the financial services industry across the African continent. Nigeria, being the largest economy, possesses tremendous capacity to expand its financial services industry particularly in the less developed segments of insurance, mortgages and pensions. Our extensive public and private sector networks provide our clients with a good understanding of regulatory requirements for entry and potential legislative enactments designed to facilitate further deepening.

The Agricultural sector has the greatest potential to accelerate economic growth in Nigeria given the sector’s value addition and employment creation capacity. With the expected roll-out of new agricultural policies over the short to medium term, Alpha African Advisory continues to monitor new developments in the Government’s agricultural reforms program and is appropriately positioned to assist local and foreign clients interested in investing in the agriculture and agro-processing value chain.

Alpha African Advisory’s entrepreneurial philosophy and investment experience enable us to appropriately advice on how best to navigate the business terrain as we strive to ensure our clients are equipped with the necessary market intelligence to succeed.

Our team is available to help understand the institutional and regulatory environment to ensure the seamless execution of our clients’ predefined entry strategies and short to mid-term objectives. Some of the major services rendered under the gateway services division include assistance with

  • Regulatory interfaces
  • Strategic alliances
  • Incentives optimisation and
  • In-country professional support

Alpha African Advisory also offers value-adding concierge and relationship management support for strategic investors unfamiliar with the local terrain. The services include:

  • Arrangement of site visits
  • Itemising local requirement for successful market entry
  • Management of government affairs and
  • Continuous assessment of political risk

We have carved out a niche offering in collaboration with leading industry professionals to facilitate cross border/regional trade and investments.